Monday, December 26

Happy Boxing Day Sales!!

Boxing Day in England = Huge Sales!

Here's what I brought, Some in the sale others not!

Leather Knee High Boots - New Look RRP £69.99 - Sale Price £30

 Chelsea Boots with Brouge Detail - Primark £15

Two Tone Bag - Primark RRP £9 Sale Price £3

Plated Gold Watch with Heart Charm - International £12.99

Star Belt - Primark £2.50

Floral Faced Leather Strap Watch - River Island RRP £25 Sale Price £10

Two Toned Box Bag - Primark RRP £10 Sale Price £3

Earrings - Acessorize RRP £10 Each Sale Price £5

Woolen Head Hands - Primark RRP £3 Sale Price £1

 Faux Sheep Skin Hat - Primark RRP £5 Sale Price £3

Paul Smith Floral - £12.99

Cream Party Dress - Primark RRP £15 Sale Price £5

Jumpers both H&M - Not sure of RRP but both £7 in the sale! 

Not much, to be honest there was nothing I wanted. Just a few bits I liked and others I thought would be ideal for work lol!

Enjoy Shopping
Heather xxx

Christmas Decoration Tutorial

Hi Everybody!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Here's a few pictures from how I decorated our home this Christmas!

Christmas Garland Stairs


Step one: Add a plain garland - I entwined this one in and out of the spindles of the stairs

Add lights - I used these 'Flickering Candles' we brought from B&Q a few years ago!

Step Three: Add your ornaments!
& You're done!!

Floating Twigs!

First thing I did was go forraging in the feilds across from my house, I then positioned them and secured them with reel wire! Then my wonderful dad, but hooks in the ceiling and I positioned it and hung it using the reel wire giving it the illusion that it was floating!

Next step add lights! I used a Star curtain as I prefered the lights however feel free to use whatever you like!

Add your ornaments - I used a mixture of reds and white I brought from the selection from Ikea over the years! 

Here are two other bits we have around the house!

Merry Christmas!!

Love Heather xx